The Division of Disability Resources & Educational Services

Megan Blunk Classification:  3.0 Hometown:  Gig Harbor, Washington Year in school:  Senior Major:  Psychology Number: 24 On my ipod:  Reggae, Hip-hop, Country, Rock Career plans/goals: Finish Bachelor's Degree in Psychology Competition highlights:  In my past I have played soccer, fast pitch, track, volleyball, and basketball. I was injured 3 years ago in a motorcycle accident … Continue reading The Division of Disability Resources & Educational Services

…I just wanted to be a little more honest and share a little more about my life…

August 26, 2014  I am just making this short and sweet For as long as I can remember I have had pretty bad depression...that only seemed to get worse as more things continued to hurt me in my life I always struggled to believe in myself and thus had a hard time playing the sports … Continue reading …I just wanted to be a little more honest and share a little more about my life…

Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger August 17, 2014 at 5:34am Sooo lately it has been kind of hard for me...I have been getting kind of down about the whole wheelchair thing. I know I shouldn’t...but it is just real life that I do.  That doesn’t mean that I would take this accident back for anything, because I truly … Continue reading Getting Stronger

Understanding their misunderstandings ;)

June 29th, 2014 Soooo as my teammate and I were rushing off the plane and pushing our basketball chairs as fast as we could trying to catch an earlier bus back to campus this older guy stops walking, and after staring at me for a bit with this Debbie-downer kind of look on his face, … Continue reading Understanding their misunderstandings 😉

The only person you have in this world is yourself

May 25th, 2014 The only person that you have in this world is yourself. You have to be able to pick yourself up off the ground even when you feel like there is no way you could ever lift yourself up.  You just have to hold your head up...remind yourself who you are...who you want … Continue reading The only person you have in this world is yourself

Just a Random Writing

January 1, 2014 I’m staying at Chelsea’s on her couch tonight….I have decided to start writing…I am just going to write…even if it doesn’t make any sense or even if it is meaningless. I am just going to write to help myself continue to work through my problems. I was told that writing can be … Continue reading Just a Random Writing

Sincere People <3

Sincere People ❤ January 14, 2014 at 8:54pm I just received an email from one of my Dad's clients and good friend whom has been there from me from the very beginning...I didn't know him when I was in my accident, but he was right by my side and has been there ever since. I … Continue reading Sincere People ❤