Sincere People <3

Sincere People ❤

I just received an email from one of my Dad’s clients and good friend whom has been there from me from the very beginning…I didn’t know him when I was in my accident, but he was right by my side and has been there ever since. I don’t see him very often…in fact I have only seen him about five or six times in my life, but every time I see him he has a huge smile on his face and his entire presence is so comforting to me. He is always excited to see my progress and always tells me something so sincere and encouraging it makes me want to continue moving forward despite how hard it may be.



I finally got back into see your dad today for a massage.  He banged, poked and pulled and when I got up I felt 100 percent better.  As I exited he gave me the picture you had left for Carolyn and me.  I cannot tell you how emotional your message was for me and how much it meant.  It is interesting, we touch other people in their lives and often we never know.  You have touched me deeply with your drive, determination and goals.  I remember your keynote address speech at the massage school graduation.  You have come so far since then.  I always love hearing your dad’s report on what you are doing.  You have made him proud, and although I have no reason to express my pride in you, I am also very proud of you.  You have a wonderful future, and I will follow every step. Thank you for making my day.



I cannot even explain how much I needed something like this… I am back at school, two weeks early from winter break so that our team can do two-a-days. It is freezing outside and the snow is crazy hard to push in. Lately I have just been feeling really tired/drained/blah along with managing with my depression. For the past couple of days we have had a two hour practice in the morning, an hour of lifting in the afternoon, and then another two hour practice in the evening, plus team video sessions. And then after that I have been working on my grad school application which is due Friday.

I am so far away from my family and friends and although I have a lot of very good friends here…I still feel like I am spending a lot of my life away from them. If I do get into grad school, by the time I come home again for good…I will be a full blown adult!!! 😛 haha and that is a little crazy to me!

But I have goals set for myself and I fully plan on reaching them! I will continue to do everything I can to the very best of my ability, working as hard as I can and giving it all I’ve got…and I know things will continue to work out just as they are meant to be….and it is people like Dave that continue to help me do that by reminding me that I can, that they believe in me, and that I should believe in myself ❤



Kara Strand
Kara Strand That’s awesome Megs! Do you still have the keynote address you wrote that Dave mentioned in his note? xoxo
Megan Blunk
Megan Blunk I actually need to look for that! I’m sure I do…but I don’t know where right now.If I find it do you want me to send it to you?
Kara Strand
Kara Strand Yes ma’am! That would be super! Was it awhile back?
Megan Blunk
Megan Blunk yeah it was in 2008 a few months after my accident
Megan Blunk
Megan Blunk Or it might have been in 2009…I’m not sure
Kara Strand
Kara Strand So cool – yay for almost being done with your grad app! *high five*
Cydne Blunk Bartley
Cydne Blunk Bartley I’d love to read it too. You should post it!
Nicholle Lynn Stucke
Nicholle Lynn Stucke You are amazing Megan, and I know that you can achieve any and all things you put your mind too. Keep up the good work. I miss you.
Shari Whitlock
Shari Whitlock Just keep believing in yourself Sweetie!!!You have come along ways Baby!!!!!! Love You Grandma!!!
Megan Blunk
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