I am a strict Sub :/

I have learned over the past week or so…that I am a strict substitute :/ haha like no bs kind of sub.

The first episode happened in high school Woodshop last Friday. This kid was being extremely disrespectful. He had his big headphones and hood on and was messing around on his phone and being disruptfull to all of the other students.The teacher’s assistant had asked him multiple times to put his phone away and do his work and he completely ignored her. She came back over to me after trying to talk to him again and I asked her if he wasn’t listening. I was heated…I got really mad and told him “That’s it! The way you are acting is not cool. You are being highly disrespectful and I don’t appreciate it. It is not okay for you to treat your teachers like this and you are distracting your classmates who are actually trying to do their work! You need to take your headphones and hood off and put your phone away, RIGHT NOW. If you don’t I am going to write you up.” I turned to go back to my desk and when I turned around to look at him I saw him looking at his phone as he was “putting it in his backpack”. I said “Okay. I’m writing you up.” That was the first time I did that! haha he definitely caught me on a bad day and that didn’t help him much either. I now completely understand how hard it must be for teachers to try and educate and manage these kids every single day…whether they didn’t get a lot sleep, or whether they are going through a divorce..etc .there is no day off for teachers, and dang we push their buttons!


There was another episode in Spanish last Monday and then another one in Biology on Tuesday. In Biology the students were supposed to be working on the worksheets their teacher had assigned. I don’t know if the worksheet was meant to be due at the end of class…but after a good amount of time watching them messing around and taking more and more advantage of the fact they had a sub…I told them “By the way…these worksheets are due at the end of class.” They all perked up real fast and started going at their worksheets…except for this group of three girls. These girls were blatantly ignoring my instructions. They were sitting over on the counter and joking around and then looking at me and slightly smirking. So I called them out and told them they need to do their work. Then I watched them copy their friend’s worksheet for the rest of class. When they went to turn in their assignments, they had huge smirks on their face as they were handing them to me, but they came at the perfectly wrong time for their situation. Right before they tried to turn theirs in, a sweet kid turned his in and had apologized to me for not being able to finish the back of the worksheet, but he really tried. So that wasn’t exactly good timing for these girls to bring their completely copied worksheets over to me-with huge smiles on their face as if they were getting away with something that they think I knew nothing about (I’m kind of in shock as to how they actually thought I had no idea they were over there copying their friends paper. Or the fact that when their friend whose paper they were copying had to leave early, I had asked her to turn her worksheet in that I knew they were all over there copying…she said okay she would…but then tried walking out the door to leave it with her friends. So I called out to her and said “Hey…I asked you to turn your worksheet in…” So she went and got it from them and turned it in. Sooooo anyways…when these girls tried to turn their paperwork in I told them, “sooo I need to talk to you guys. Your classmate just turned his worksheet in, that he worked very hard on. And he just got done apologizing to me for not being able to finish it…and now here you guys are, trying to turn in worksheets that are completely finished…but you guys didn’t do any of the work yourselves. I just don’t really know what to do. I don’t know if I should let you take home new worksheets and bring them back tomorrow…or just write a note to your teacher…” They right away started fidgeting and asking if they could just redo the worksheets and bring them back. I told them that they could do that, but they had to tell their teacher the next day why they had to redo them. They told me they would. Who knows if they did. But that was definitely a no bs kind of sub! haha I don’t like being this person!!!

Sooo then today, in fourth grade, there was this little boy and little girl that continually came up to to ask if they could go to the nurses. The little boy was holding his tummy and saying that “it just hurts really bad…” and the little girl said that her leg just hurt really bad (conveniently they would come up after we began working on math or writing or anything). So for the first few times I told him to try drinking water and I told the girl to go stretch her leg. And then, after they had tried everything we could possibly think of…The little boy came up, holding his tummy and looking down at the floor all sad like. So I stared him down…and I said “really? are you sure your stomach hurts?….does it actuaaaaaaly hurt??” as I said this he looked up at me and did a pretty good job keeping a serious and sad face as I stared at him…but then I started smiling and told him “really? haha come on…you know your stomach doesn’t hurt 😛 You just don’t want to do math” and then he cracked a smile and knew he had nothing. haha so I told him to go do his math. He kept smiling and I felt like we had a newfound understanding of each other after that 🙂 haha And and I did the same thing with the girl. It was actually really cute how they try and trick you like that. They’re just little tricksters. lol


annnnd then here comes one of my favorite parts. It was pretty funny at the end of class…when we only had like 4 minutes left but the kids were already lined up at the door and starting to get a little wild (I think they were extra hyper today because they were so excited to not have school tomorrow…) but we only had 4 minutes and I really didn’t know what to do so I grabbed the book they have been reading in class and told them I am going to read one page so they need to be quiet and listen. They all instantly quiet down as if they were in some weird trance. haha That worked.
















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