These past few weeks

These past few weeks have been so up and down. Everything in my life is up and down, there is no in-between. I have always been an all or nothing person…my counselor says that is a problem and that I really need to work on that lol. I just don’t really know how to change it.

There are so many GREAT things happening in my life right now. Soooo many great things! There are so many GREAT people in my life! I have so many things going for myself, everything I have ever been working towards is beginning to finally take form. I am learning the direction I am going and what it is I want to do. I have been meeting people who want to support me throughout it all. Amazing people who want nothing more than to see good things happen in the world. And I want to make good things happen.

I never knew that I would want to work with kids. With my Master’s degree in social work I always thought I would be working more with adults struggling with depression and other things in life, I never thought I would want my focus to be on kids.

But I think I need the kids more than they could ever need me. When I am around them, their innocence lifts me up and fills me with so much joy. I need that kind of pure-hearted love in my life.

I want to help them through, what I think is the most important time of their lives. I want to show them what they can do and how to be strong.


I wanted to write a whole bunch more…but I feel to sick right now from some of my medications. blahhh. I will finish this later :p



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