Life/Dating Update :P

It has really been far too long since I wrote a new blog post. So much has happened, so many thoughts in my mind and conversations I have had with myself as I work my way through this thing called life. And, of course, I always want to share them with you. Why? I don't … Continue reading Life/Dating Update 😛

just keep pushing forward :P

When you had an amazing weekend but it's Monday and you gotta go back to reality. :/ Today was rough... Today was a day I let fear overwhelm me. What am I doing? Can I handle it?? Am I really going to be okay? Can I really do this?? 😣 But the answer is yes, … Continue reading just keep pushing forward 😛


...kinda crazy...but once I got out there I really didn’t care about the sharks at all. ...the crazy part was that I actually thought it would be cool to see them out there. that part is crazy. But what was cool is that just being out there and going through the waves like that helped me … Continue reading Surfing

Fear of Sharks :/

  Guess who woke up at 5:30 to go surfing :p after staying up all night watching shark attack videos and reading shark attack statistics in California 🤗meeee 🤓 dang I am worried I might have a bigger fear of sharks than I thought 🙄 but at the same time...what’s meant to be will be 🙂 haha and I wanna face my fears always 🙂 annnd … Continue reading Fear of Sharks :/

Feeling insecure at the California Yacht Club

Went with my roommates to the opening day of their yacht club today ❤️ I had a great time...I really did. But I also struggled with my own insecurities. As I mentioned’s hard to always hold my head up when it comes to things like dating, and although I wasn’t at the yacht club for … Continue reading Feeling insecure at the California Yacht Club

All of my crying videos ;)

Let’s talk about depression...completely raw and uncensored I want to talk about depression for two, because it’s not always what it appears to be...and I LOVVVVE to remind people that as happy as I can be and as many things as I do all of the time...I still fight it every single day. And … Continue reading All of my crying videos 😉

Sit-Skiing For the 2nd Time Since My Accident :)

SitSkiing today for the second time since my accident and the first time in 8 years!!! Snowboarding was by far my favorite thing to do for fun before my accident and I have missed it every winter since!! After my mom first found out about Sit-Skiing, she bought me a lesson for the first Christmas … Continue reading Sit-Skiing For the 2nd Time Since My Accident 🙂

My Road Trip With Derek :)

I met Derek this past December when I went up to Canada for a Wheelchair Basketball Camp. Before I even really knew him, I could tell there was something special about him. Derek just stood out to me because he seemed so happy and chill and it was obvious that he just wanted to learn … Continue reading My Road Trip With Derek 🙂