Feeling in my feet after surgery

…The pain has not been bad at all lately 🙂 Someone asked me today how it can hurt if I can’t feel my feet and so I figured I would explain it on here. I can feel pressure on my feet and my nerves can feel like they are on fire at times. I don’t know if something is sharp or hot or cold…the only thing I know is that something hurts. It can be kind of freaky at times when I feel something touching my feet, but don’t know what it is. And it is especially freaky when some of those times feel like whatever is touching them might have hurt them in some bad way. haha So the first few days after the surgery my feet were hurting really bad, they were throbbing and the pain in and around my tendons felt like they were tearing. It was disgusting :/

but after about 3-4 days the pain starting going away and was replaced by a new feeling of just straight fire. My nerves in my feet, especially my toes, are going crazy and feel a burning/tingling/really strange sensation. The nerve pain doesn’t bother me though. I can definitely deal with it because I have always gotten that kind of pain, off and on after my accident.. …But what I don’t like…is the new thoughts that have been going through my head about how disgusting it is probably starting to get inside of those casts! 😦 ughhhh and with those thoughts come really weird mentally painful/slightly physically painful sensations in the areas of my feet that “might” have the cast rubbing them raw. But at the same time, it might just all be in my head 😛

At about day 5 until now, I have started forgetting that I just had surgery on my feet and I keep coming close to putting pressure on them (Which, if I did that, the stitches would tear) and I keep thinking I have my leg braces and clunky shoes on and am super uncomfortable so I keep reaching for my feet to take them off…only to realize that they are definitely NOT coming off anytime soon! (I feel like a dog probably feels when they have a cone around their head).

I do have my follow-up appointment with my surgeon this coming Thursday. At my apt I will have these wraps removed and hard casts put on to begin stretching my ankles further. (the thought really grosses me out!)

There is zee update 🙂


I am extremely excited to be 5”3 again! I just can’t wait to stand flat on the ground!!! It is going to be a dream come true…FLAT FEET!!! I have no idea what I am going to feel the day that happens…but I am sure it is going to be crazy!

2 thoughts on “Feeling in my feet after surgery

  1. Thinking of you, wishing for you, and saying little prayers for the best outcome in the whole wide world!


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