life is…

Today started out a little rough…still trying to figure out what I am going to do now that my roommate and I have been wrongfully kicked out of our apartment with only 15 days to figure it out and move…and waiting to hear back from the internship that I am really hoping I get. But I know that even if I don’t get this internship..that just means there is something else I am supposed to be doing…and I know that being forced to move…happened for a reason (not a reason as to why we are being forced to move…because there is no reason…but because there is somewhere else I am supposed to be 😛 …and I just have to be patient and see where life takes me.

but nothing could have made my day any better other than getting to spend my night helping coach the guys and girls on the Tacoma Titans Adaptive Recreation (Metro Parks Tacoma) wheelchair basketball team! I always knew that I liked coaching…but I never knew I loved it this much. It just feels so good to be able to come back to my hometown and help an amazing program grow! Having gone through it myself…I know how much this program is doing for those with mental and physical disabilities that don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else…I know how much it can hurt feeling like you don’t really belong anywhere…but oh my gosh…what Tacoma Metro Parks does for people is truly amazing.

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