1st time Subbing for 2nd Grade

Ohhhh boy, 2nd grade is a whole other world!!! haha the kids were awesome 🙂 But oh my gosh they will try to trick you like no other when you are the sub!! So… it started out with waking up at 4am because I was too excited/nervous/anxious to sleep (This was only my second class I had subbed for…and I knew that the younger kids were going to be much harder!!) When I got to the school I began meeting all of the teachers and getting to know my way around the building. I only had thirty minutes to figure everything out before the kids arrived. I spent a good amount of that time trying to log onto the computer because my login information wasn’t working. I had to eventually give up on logging in because I was running out of time and I figured it was more important to focus on reading the teachers printed directions for the day.
 I read, reread, highlighted, underlined… everything in the teachers directions as fast as I could, but I only got halfway through before the kids started arriving. I soon learned it is almost impossible to really know what the teacher is talking about until the kids show you where and what everything is anyway.
So then it began 😛
After the pledge of allegiance and all of that…I asked the kids if they could explain to me some of the things that the teacher was talking about in her directions. Of course, there were 10+ overly helpful 8 year olds all around me showing me a million different things at once! haha and of course the majority of the things they were showing me had nothing to do with the things I was trying to figure out. I then realized that asking for their help needed to be done in a more contained way. So I herded them all back to the reading rug and had them sit back down. I then tried asking a more specific question and directed it at one student…but as the student that I was asking would begin answering me, two or three other kids would instantly pop up again and start showing me more things. lol it was like that game at the arcade where those heads pop up and you have to hit them back down with that hammer thingy (except of course I didn’t hit them with a hammer thingy! 😛
I began reading the “daily interactive picture story” about hurricanes, when I suddenly get a tap on my leg and I look down to see one of the little girls sitting at my feet looking up at me. All of the other kids were still sitting on the reading rug like they were supposed to be doing. This little girl was the same girl that had been so helpful when she first arrived to class. she was the girl that I thought was my “go to kid”. This girl looks up at me and asks, in the middle of a sentence I was reading, if I was going to give everyone two M&Ms. She said that their teacher always gives them two M&Ms in the morning. As she said this, she picked up this huge jar of M&Ms and handed it to me. I sat there, staring at her, trying to think about what she was saying (my mind wasn’t exactly keeping up with these kids as fast as they were coming at me) her classmates all begin shouting at her, “NO SHE DOESN’T!! YOU KNOW THAT IF  YOU ASK YOU DON’T GET ANY!!” After hearing them all say this, I look back down at the little girl and I think “Oh my gosh!!! You little turd!!! and I thought I could trust you!!!” I realized then and there…2nd graders are tricky little turds!!!
So after that there was the, “Megan…my tummy hurts…can I go to the nurse?”, “Megan…my throat hurts…can I go to the nurse?”  “Megan…Jack’s pants are sagging down!!! You can see his underwear!!!”, “Megan…My pants are sagging down!!…I need to go to the nurse and get new pants!!.” Me: “is that really a thing???”
After about four kids doing this…I looked at this quiet, sweet little girl sitting by my desk and I ask her, “How many kids usually go to the nurse’s office in a day?” She laughed and said, “like three a week!” and right after she answered, another kid came up and said “Megan…my feet hurt!! I need to go to the nurse!!” And the little girl and I looked at each other and laughed 😛 I knew I had finally found the kid I could trust! haha
So after that, I would ask that same little girl when it felt like the class was being really, really loud, “Is this the class being loud?? or is this normal?” and she would say “This is normal” or “this is loud!” haha and that is how I figured out what was and wasn’t okay all throughout the day. haha
So, long story short…I started out the day feeling really nervous thinking that I wasn’t going to know what to do…and I ended the day feeling very relaxed…realizing that emergency subs never know what to do!! 😛
At the end of the day I gave all of the kids one m&m (in order to bribe them to clean up)…and then one of the kids, (one of the kids that had gotten into trouble quite a few times that day…one of the kids whose name I had memorized quite fast!), came up to me as I was taking the kids out to the bus and started telling me over and over again that I didn’t give him an  m&m and asked if I could “PLEEEEEASE go back and give him one!!” I told him that I did give him an m&m. He said that he promised I didn’t and that he could prove it if I would just smell his breath. Then, as he was arguing with me about this out by the buses, one of the other kids came up and said that he always pretends like he didn’t get an m&m. He argued back at the kid and said “NO I DON’T!! I PROMISE!! then I looked at him and said….”well that is what happens when you lie, people won’t believe you when you tell the truth…” the teachers that were standing around laughed and then told him to go get on the bus.
haha it was a really funny day…and I definitely learned A LOT!!! It was crazy but I loved it! 🙂

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