Substitute teaching at my Middle School

A few updates…because it has been a few days. 😉 I forgot to give a shout out to the best Middle School in the world, Harbor Ridge. (Yeah, I am a little biased) Last Tuesday, I was given the chance to substitute teach at the middle school that I went to. It was my first experience teaching middle school kids and I learned that I love subbing for middle schoolers. The kids are easier to figure out who you can and cannot trust-in the sense of who is trying to take advantage of the substitute teacher for the day lol. I also feel like middle school is such a vital age to have a positive impact on these kids and help guide them in the right direction as they are really just starting to figure out who they are and what they believe in.
It was also so nice getting to see my old teachers and especially my track and soccer coach, Mr. Carmody. carmody_shawn He came down and visited with me while I was there and it felt really good to hear him talk about the things he remembers from when I played for him. He always believed in me and he loved the way I played soccer. I remember those days vividly. I remember him running across the field to encourage me as I ran the mile in track, and going on long-distance runs with him during practice up Peacock hill when he would make sure the guys running with us would know they better be able to keep up. I just especially remember him ALWAYS pushing me to be better and better. There was never a single thing he didn’t think I could do. And seeing him last Tuesday, hearing his stories and the way he talked about the athlete that I was (and yes, the athlete that I still am…but we are just talking about then, right now :P), made me feel so much closer to the old me…words can’t describe how much pain and sadness and happiness and joy-all in one, that his memories of me made me feel (Soccer was my life)…it was definitely bittersweet….in the best way possible. And when I was in my accident in 2008, he organized a fundraiser event for me on the school track while I was still in the hospital. When I was told they had done that for me…It made me feel really loved ❤
It was nice to go back and revisit the place that has always had such a big impact on me.
….and that is not even mentioning Harbor Ridge’s assistant principal, Mr. Wickins, wickens_brianand the amazing person that he has been, still is, and will always be, in my life! But that is a whole other story! Much too long to start right now! Let’s just say, the staff at that school care more about their students success and happiness than anything else, and they never stop caring ❤ I am very lucky to have grown up in such an amazing place.
This picture is from my Rio Send-off event that Mr. Wickens helped me put on at Harbor Ridge Middle School 🙂


 Plus…who gets a view like that everyday they go to school??? 🙂

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