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Weekly Snapshot  September 3, 2013
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 Gig Harbor’s USA Canoe/Kayak Athlete Megan Blunk in Germany

Wednesday was Day 1 of racing at the Paracanoe World Championships in Duisburg, Germany and a big test for US athletes hoping to move on towards the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


The first piece of good news from Germany came when Megan Blunk took to the course in her debut race at the World Championships. Megan was in the 200 meter K1 TA race. (K1 is a one person kayak and “TA” is Trunk & Arm classification.) She is a first time member of the US National Paracanoe Team who has an incredible work ethic and bright future ahead of her. Megan came out strong in her first race and when the boats crossed the finish line Megan had won the Silver Medal.


The next challenge for Megan came in the form of the V-1 race. In the Paracanoe world the V-1 class is similar to an outrigger canoe with an attached outrigger float and is propelled by a single blade paddle. When the race results arrived back at the US Canoe/Kayak training center in Oklahoma City, Megan had won her second Silver, this one in the V-1 category.



Two races at the World Championships and two Silver Medals for Megan Blunk.

Megan lives in Lakebay and trains in Gig Harbor where she is a member of the Gig Harbor Canoe/Kayak Team and coached by 2x USA Canoe/Kayak Club Coach of the Year, Alan Anderson.

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